Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Sara Paley Photography!

These are questions I am often asked. If you have any other questions, please contact me and I will be happy to answer them.

Everything! From the shooting, meeting new families, the excitement of sending off my negatives to the lab back in the day, and these days rushing home to upload the photos on my computer right away, editing images until they are perfect, choosing my favourites to add to a blog post, to delivering a gallery to a new client and then hearing how excited they are to see their photos! Some of my favourite things about photography have always been bright, vivid colours, soft backgrounds, lots of contrast, black+white, and negative space. I love how I never stop learning my craft. I have been intrigued by photography forever. Even as a graphic design student I would often find myself picking up a camera to make photographs whenever I could instead of drawing or painting like the others in my class, haha. Having a camera in my hands makes me happiest. In my work I like to mix up posed portraits, candid shots, and lifestyle photography. Sometimes I use a few props or pose newborns in a basket or wrap. Excited toddlers and young kids give me joy when I can catch their funny expressions in photos where the moment only lasts a few seconds. My images capture real life as I see it through my lens. I can't wait to photograph and share my art with you!

When you're ready to book a portrait session with Sara Paley Photography, please fill out the booking form. After you have filled everything out, I will be in touch with you and we can discuss the details of your session. You're more than welcome to suggest outdoor locations if you have a favourite place you would like to go to for the shoot. If you want to chat about what to wear, or if you have any questions, just give me a shout! I require a retainer at the time of booking to reserve your session.

Here's a few suggestions for what to wear to your portrait session:

• Choose colours for each family member that coordinate but don't match: all neutrals, different shades of blues, or bright colours for example.
• Add layering, textures + accessories: a scarf, sweater, watch, belt, bow tie, suspenders, hair band, fun jewellery, big necklaces...
• Stay away from logos, really tiny stripes, writing, hats that cover faces, all white clothing.
• Be comfortable with what you're wearing! If you're feeling uncomfortable you won't look relaxed in the photos.
• Most importantly, be yourself and show your personal style!

• For a newborn session, mom looks best in a tank top, dad in a tshirt, siblings in tshirts and jeans. Choose either black or white tops for everyone. This way, baby is the centre of attention if you are wearing a neutral colour. Babies can be messy. Don't forget to have an extra change of clothes just in case. I will usually bring a basket and a few wraps for the baby.

Displaying your photos:
It's a good idea to consider where you want to display your printed photos in your home. What kind of décor do you already have? Do you have an accent colour that you love? Which room are you thinking of hanging canvas prints in? Think of the colour schemes in your home when you select clothing to wear at your session!

I like to share a small sneak peek from the session on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to like my Facebook page so you can see the photo the second it is posted! Don't forget to tag yourselves in the image + hit share!

You will receive your private online photo gallery with print and web images about 3–4 weeks after the photo shoot. After seeing your photos you may purchase prints + canvases + albums. This is the best part—seeing your photos everyday on the walls in your home, or in a book on your coffee table!

After your portrait session I may make a blog post with my favourite images. I will be sure to send you the link and you can share it on social media if you like.

Yes! I offer high quality canvas prints and custom art albums. Your memories should be shared as prints on your walls where you + your loved ones can enjoy them each day! P.S. canvas prints are safer to hang in your baby's bedroom as there is no glass that could break if bumped off the wall.

prints + keepsakes

It's a good idea to bring a little snack or treat to a children's portrait session. Or even a favourite toy if it is a big part of your little person's life. Young kids love balloons or bubbles which make a cute prop in the photos! Have a family dog? Pets can be incorporated in family portrait sessions. Don't forget to bring your furry friend a treat. It might come in handy for getting their attention in the photos!

You are only given the allotted time for your photo session. If you cannot make it on the scheduled date, please email me two weeks in advance before your session to change the date.

I retain the copyright to all my images. You will be granted a license to reproduce the images for your personal use, or to give to family + friends. You may not enter the photos into any competitions, or sell them to third parties such as stock libraries.

Photography is an art in which photos are taken and edited with the photographer’s artistic vision. By hiring Sara Paley Photography, you are agreeing to accept the photographer’s interpretation. The photographer is unable to provide re-shoots solely based upon subjective opinions. Due to the custom nature of photography, the session price and any products ordered are non-refundable.

It's best to schedule your small child's portrait session for a time of day that they are happiest. I find this is usually in the morning after breakfast, or in the afternoon after they have eaten lunch and had a nap. If your child is ill, please contact me as soon as possible and we can postpone your session.

My photography is my art. I take pride in my work and deliver the best images from each portrait session edited in my personal style using a variety of colour and black + white. Instagram filters will ruin the integrity of my artwork. While I like to give my clients both a colour and black + white version of many photos, some photos are meant to only be in black + white. I am happy to turn a colour image that I provided you into black + white if it was not initially included in your finished images.

You will receive high resolution JPG images which are individually colour-corrected and ready to print. The original files that come straight from the camera are called RAW files. I do not give clients RAW files, as it is like going to a specialty baker and requesting raw baking ingredients instead of a perfectly baked + decorated cake!

It is a good idea to store a backup of your digital files in three places: your home computer, on an external hard drive that you keep at a friend's house, and online in a cloud. Don't forget to print your photos so that you can enjoy them in your home every day!

prints + keepsakes

Most of my photography sessions take place outdoors. I love natural light! You're more than welcome to suggest outdoor locations if you have a favourite place you would like to go to for the shoot. I will also have some ideas. Let's chat about a good spot!

Newborn sessions take place in the family's home. We need to find the biggest windows in your home which is usually the living room. Of course we will take some photos in the baby's room. The master bedroom is also a good place to lay baby down on the bed for some closeup photos, as well as get group shots of you sitting together. Don't worry about having everything spotless, which is hard with a newborn! Try to put away extra clutter in these three areas of your home which helps to remove distracting elements in the photos.